Diversity and Inclusion policy? No, thank you.

Oana Neumayer

Chief Marketing Officer at Fabriq

August 15, 2019


Ok, let’s start by dealing with the elephant in the room – at Fabriq, we do not have a diversity and inclusion policy. Oups, politically incorrect? Maybe, but we stand by it.

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From MarTech to FinTech into PropTech

Oana Neumayer

Chief Marketing Officer at Fabriq

August 06, 2019


As I start writing this, I cannot escape Sting's song 'I'm an Englishman in New York'. Less than 3 months in, I am starting to notice patterns in PropTech which I have experienced in my previous MarTech (marketing tech) and FinTech (finance tech) lives.

For context, I’ve moved into technology nearly 10 years ago and never looked back. As a former advertising professional, I switched careers fuelled by the promise of delivering change at scale. The ability to have a wide-reaching impact still excites me to the core. Plus, I have been fortunate enough to experience how tech benefits business across various industries – from MarTech to FinTech and now…PropTech.

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50 years ago, we chose to go to the moon. Now imagine what we could do in the next 50 years.

Benjamin Kott

Founder & CEO of Fabriq

July 29, 2019

blog moon.jpg

No doubt July was a tumultuous month - from electing a new UK Prime Minister to hitting the highest ever recorded temperature in the UK (not that these two are related in any way). Going beyond events affecting our nation, undoubtedly the most important celebration this month is celebrating the 50th anniversary of arguably the single biggest achievement of mankind in the 20th century, the moon landing. Whilst there are so many aspects of the event which are mind-blowing, currently my thoughts are with the man who provided the vision and leadership behind this feat and his speech at Rice University which set the scene for what was to come.

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MyData, YourData, PyData

Piramol Krishnan

Data Science Intern at Fabriq

July 24, 2019

Data has a better idea

'Is there coffee? Have you seen any coffee? Do you have coffee? WHERE IS THE COFFEE?’

These questions blaze through my mind as I enter the Tower Hotel’s suite, lining up to collect my badge and T-shirt. A sea of people donning the typical programmer apparel –T-shirts, hoodies and jeans—all wait to enter the conference rooms where the first tutorials of the day will begin.

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BMS Data and Deep Building Analytics

Colin Ma


July 16, 2019

BMS System.jpg

As more partners and clients approach us about more pro-active means to monitor the efficiency of buildings, let's look at how data from building management systems (BMS) can serve as the foundation for analysing buildings in deeper and more insightful ways.

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