2020 GRESB module enhancements within Fabriq platform

Reg Coker

Data Analyst at Fabriq

April 15, 2020

GRESB & Fabriq

In the context of GRESB 2020 submission deadline extended by 1 month (to August the 1st 2020) and with the help of the enhanced Fabriq GRESB module, real estate sustainability practitioners are well equipped to participate in this year's global benchmark reporting. As most sector experts know, GRESB announced at the 2019 results event that they had decided to bring a series of changes to 2020 reporting. So, what are the main changes for GRESB in 2020?

Crisis as an opportunity

March 26, 2020

Crisis as opp.jpg

If anyone was to tell me 3 weeks ago that the whole of world of work and play would be turned upside down due to an unseen global enemy, I would have strongly recommended they watched better sci-fi movies. Even by my film standards, that scenario made for a very unlikely narrative. Looking at the world now, the reality seems to beat the script. This Coronavirus crisis has hit all sectors of the economy - locally, regionally, globally - and impacted all of our lives in an unprecedented way.

As a technology company, aiming to significantly reduce climate change by connecting and optimising the world’s buildings, I have tried to look at some positive aspects on how this crisis is impacting PropTech and the real estate sector at large:

Step Up Team Challenge

Reg Coker

Data Analyst at Fabriq

February 07, 2020

New Year, New Challenge

Jan challenge.jpg

Fabriq team members pushed themselves out of their respective comfort zones. Forget Veganuary! Team Fabriq challenged itself to complete a minimum of 7,500 steps by the end of the month. Quite fitting really, with the 2020 Olympics scheduled for later in the year.

"And why, why would team Fabriq plunge itself into this challenge?" I hear you ask. Well, as a famous celebrity once said "because we want to" but also the challenge served the purpose of emphasising general health and well-being and simply enjoying the outdoors more, in 2020. Oh, if you recognise the last quote, then you are wise beyond your years.

Looking ahead…how I met Ben…and yes, Dark Mode!

Colin Ma


January 17, 2020


It has been quite an eventful start to the year/decade for us at Fabriq to say the least, with our fearless founder Benjamin Kott passing on the CEO baton, leaving behind an incredible legacy of a leading edge product and a laudable culture.

As many of you are already aware, while Ben is moving on...he's NOT moving out! He continues to be involved in providing direction for the company on business governance and strategy as a non-exec to Fabriq’s Board of Directors. With that said, while we miss having him around during our weekly team lunches (he did promise he would stop by whenever he could for his favourite fish and chips!), he will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping how Fabriq evolves as a purpose-driven company.

2020: From Visionary Resolutions to Ordinary Revolutions

January 09, 2020


First working week of the year and my LinkedIn feed is filled with articles on 2020 trends and resolutions. They all make for a great read – special mention to Nikki Greenberg's, Paul McCorquodale's and Will Darbyshire's ones which gave me the inspiration to write this piece.

While the industry acknowledge the urgency of tackling climate change and the role PropTech has in addressing it, the greatest impact we can collectively have is when mass adoption of sustainability technology happens in the property sector.

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