Connecting the world, one data source at a time: new meter suppliers and data collectors supported by EnergyDeck
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Connecting the world, one data source at a time: new meter suppliers and data collectors supported by EnergyDeck

Bruno Girin
Author: Bruno Girin February 10, 2015

We’ve previously looked at how we will be supporting our users’ access to high quality data by simplifying data acquisition through out of the box integration with hardware and other data providers. Since then, we’ve been hard at work extending this capability and have now over a dozen data sources available, with many more already in the pipeline.

Hardware suppliers

The majority of these data sources are independent hardware vendors who can supply energy metering, environmental sensor and communications equipment. The range of the solutions vary between suppliers, with the right one for you dependent on your monitoring or communication requirements, and possibly location (we now support systems from six countries).

Data collectors

In addition to hardware providers, we now also offer integration with data collectors who operate in the United Kingdom. Those companies are responsible for collecting consumption data from fiscal electricity and gas meters typically installed in commercial premises and then provide this data to utilities. Integrating with those suppliers means that we can now receive fiscal data without the need to install any hardware on site. This provides an easy way to start metering whole buildings with minimal upfront investment. We currently integrate with the following data collectors, and are working to get several more integrated in the near future:

Making sense of metering

To help you make sense of all this, we created This is an initiative aimed at sharing knowledge and best practices around smart metering in commercial and large-scale residential environments. The website covers everything from understanding metering requirements, developing strategies, selecting technologies and suppliers, and last but not least - analysing the outputs and making sense of the data acquired.

We’re also always happy to help our customers and partners understand their metering requirements and source the appropriate metering equipment in order to help you get the best experience out of using the EnergyDeck platform.

Coming up next

We are planning integration with more hardware suppliers and data collectors in the next few months so this list will grow. If there is any provider you would like us to integrate with, or if you’d like some advice around metering and monitoring, please contact us.