Creating the Google of Building Performance Data

Fabriq was founded in 2011 with the objective to drive a step-change in how buildings are operated from an environmental point of view. The initial focus of the company — then called EnergyDeck — was on energy / resource consumption and carbon emissions.

A key market failure spotted by Fabriq’s founder during his tenure as Green Business Operations lead for Google (hence the tagline) was that good data about building performance was hard to come by, and reliable benchmarks even harder. These challenges made it nearly impossible to pinpoint underperforming sites, let alone fix them. Adding to it, trust in suppliers of energy efficiency solutions was low, and widely applicable impact assessments and business cases for savings were not available.

The scope of the Fabriq OS platform has widened significantly over time, and today we cover all core aspects of building operations - from sustainability metrics to resource consumption, cost management, air quality, space utilisation and last but not least, occupier productivity and well-being.

To this end, Fabriq offers a fully web-based platform that disposes of powerful features covering compliance, efficiency and tenant-focused applications. Fabriq OS provides intuitive insights to the benefit of all stakeholders in buildings; be they landlords, service providers or occupiers.

Fabriq By The Numbers

Over the years, Fabriq has racked up a considerable amount of data across all key metrics. Today Fabriq DB — our shared database — contains thousands of buildings, tens of thousands of meters / data sources, and millions of individual readings.

We work with large commercial property portfolios and have some of the largest and most complex buildings in the world in our database.

We operate one of the UK’s largest databases for commercial building performance — spanning several years’ worth of electricity, gas and water data for a range of commercial and residential properties. This is complemented by a projects database with user-submitted best-practice measures.

Best of all, both the building performance as well as the best-practice databases are available to all users of the platform regardless of their subscription plan. The data is accessible in the form of fully anonymised performance benchmarks for all asset types from apartments to warehouses, as well as detailed anonymised project performance information for best-practice measures.

The Dream Team

Another part of the business that continues to evolve and grow is our stellar team. We have offices in London and Kyiv and distribution partners across Europe. We can provide customer support in English, German, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Cantonese and Romanian (in addition to languages that are just totally unpronouncable — one of our team members is rumoured to speak fluent Unovan). The spirit of our company is summarised in a recent blog post by our CMO, which is available here if you want to learn more.

If we have piqued your interest and you want to know what it’s like to work at Fabriq and save the world, one portfolio (sometimes building) at a time, do get in touch! We’re continually on the lookout for driven and forward-thinking individuals from all walks of life with skills in project management, business development, customer success, marketing and, why not, astrophysics (which can be useful for exploring the fabriq of space and time...).

Are you in?

We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade, not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.
(JFK, 1962)