We can help you connect to the existing metering and BMS in your building, scope and deploy advanced sensors, integrate with different types of equipment and analyse the data generated.

Connectivity for all your building data sources

We have integrated with more than 50 data sources and formats ranging from submeters and metering gateways to building management systems and specialised sensors for e.g. air quality monitoring.

In addition, we are integrated with the major data collectors (DCs) in the UK for capturing half hourly data directly from buildings, as well as a number of utility data data providers in Germany and France.

The Fabriq platform supports data source integration and transfer via APIs, FTP, HTTP and even Emails. That’s on top of standard Excel format uploads and direct data entry via the platform or mobile app.

Air quality monitoring made easy

Air quality is fast becoming a key performance metric - not just in the streets of major cities but also increasingly inside buildings. Indoor air quality is a major driver of tenant health and wellbeing as well as productivity in work spaces and schools.

At the same time, effective air quality measurement is not without challenges as it is composed of a range of metrics (like CO2, NOx, PM, VOC, humidity etc) that need to be tracked and analysed continuously.

Oftentimes, even modern buildings don’t come with AQ sensors installed in the right places. At Fabriq we have access to a range of sensor providers, and our platform has the ability to track and analyse almost any air quality related metric.

Air quality image

Smart sensor and BMS integration - from base spec to retrofits

We have experience working with clients on assets from base spec level all the way to retrofitting existing buildings with the latest sensor and communication technologies. This doesn’t just include energy metering and air quality sensing, but pretty much any data generating device in a building (and that’s pretty much everything, if properly fitted out).

Examples for possible integrations include sensors for presence detection, lighting, environmental metrics, and all kinds of building equipment that can be made smart(er).

Sensor technology is advancing all the time, continuously pushing the frontier of the art of the possible. We’re working hard to stay on top of market developments and are able to advise our clients on the best solutions for the job at hand.

sensor map

Data analytics services for those big and hairy projects

There is always a possibility that your use case or data just doesn't fit. But fret not, we've got a solution for that. Say, you're running an airport with ten thousand data feeds from a wide range of sources, all in different formats and resolutions and so on, and want to know where to start looking for answers? That's what we're talking about. We've got our internal toolkits that we use for this sort of thing. As well as prototyping of new analytical approaches and algorithms.

And once we've figured it out, it can become part of Fabriq. To help share the good stuff, you know.

data analysis tool