EnergyDeck and the GRESB Benchmark Survey: new integrated reporting capability makes completing the survey simple
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EnergyDeck and the GRESB Benchmark Survey: new integrated reporting capability makes completing the survey simple

Nick Mason
Author: Nick Mason May 05, 2015

With the 2015 GRESB survey period now well underway and the 1 July deadline looming, EnergyDeck’s new feature takes away the pain of acquiring, organising and submitting your environmental performance data.

The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) was developed in response to the demand for sustainability data from institutional investors about property companies and private equity real estate funds. Their reports integrate a range of information to understand fund-level management and performance, offering a specialised, industry-driven reporting framework exploring governance, stakeholder engagement, and environmental performance indicators of investment properties.

With data requirements including asset information, and consumption data divided along common vs tenant areas including fuels, electricity, waste and waste, the GRESB benchmarking survey submissions themselves have traditionally required a considerable amount of data-wrangling to achieve the desired format. This is often the case even when participants have an existing data management process, and especially when they are making use of spreadsheets, invoices and other documentation sent by building managers spread out across the globe.

To simplify this process, EnergyDeck in association with GRESB have developed an innovative functionality for the 2015 reporting year that allows our users to aggregate their property data into the GRESB format, then transfer their submission directly to the GRESB database with a single click. The simple process negates the need to rely on complex spreadsheets, saving everyone from building to sustainability managers considerable time and effort, and ensuring high quality responses to GRESB and your investors.

To complete your survey, just create a GRESB response for one or more of your funds, then add the relevant assets to each response. Each asset’s environmental performance data can then be populated by either taking it directly from your EnergyDeck account, automatically transformed into the GRESB survey format, or manually entering additional asset information. Once the response is complete, submit it to GRESB with one single click and retain a record of the submission for the future.

Simple and sensible, making your data work for you, not the other way round.

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