Capturing the Benefits: Tracking audits and projects in EnergyDeck
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Capturing the Benefits: Tracking audits and projects in EnergyDeck

Nick Mason
Author: Nick Mason October 13, 2015

At EnergyDeck we’re busy building features that enable users to get to grips with how effective their energy efficiency audits really are. The latest piece of this puzzle was launched last week - users now have the capability to add projects to audit records, which in turn drops them automatically into your projects portfolio.

The project records themselves have also been improved, with the workflow now allowing projects to be tracked from identification, to qualification to completion. Which in turn allows users to understand what the audit estimated the savings to be, what the business case said the savings would be, and then what actually was saved.

One of the key reasons for creating this ability to link audits to projects to outcomes is that we want to make sure that when going through the ESOS compliance process, users can go beyond simply complying and actually track the benefits from the energy savings opportunities captured via the auditing process. That is, rather than seeing ESOS as a one hit, compliance action that needs to be done once every four years, the process can become the start of a four year energy efficiency programme.

And why is this doubly important now? Because according to a new UK Treasury consultation titled Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape (PDF), it’s likely the energy efficiency and carbon compliance landscape is about to change in the UK, with the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme being dropped in exchange for an enhanced ESOS programme.

In other ESOS related news, the government suggesting it may end up supporting the implementation of energy efficiency measures identified as part of ESOS, while the Environment Agency has effectively extended the deadline for ESOS submissions by confirming that firms are unlikely to face action provided they have complied by 29 January.

What is this news is all adding up to? It is highly likely ESOS will be with us for the foreseeable future and will need to become part of how a business approaches its energy compliance programme. With our updated audits and projects capability, EnergyDeck can support smart businesses to take what is a mandatory reporting requirement and turn it into a clear competitive advantage.

For more information on Energydeck’s approach to ESOS, feel free to check out our article in the latest ebook from UK Construction News (page 9-10 - Direct Link to Issue).