Leveraging PropTech to Achieve Net Zero - A WiPT London Event

Oana Neumayer

Chief Marketing Officer at Fabriq

December 03, 2019

Last Tuesday (the 26th of Nov 2019), I was invited to be part of the panel on ‘Leveraging ProptTech to get to Net Zero’ at the first Women In PropTech (WiPT) London event alongside fearless leaders in the space Sally Jones, Julie Hogarth, Alison Webb and beautifully moderated by Sarah Ratcliff.

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Spatial Analysis with Spacemaps: Adding the “Where” to Data Visualisation in Buildings

Véronique Martial-Gritter

Marketing Manager at Fabriq

November 14, 2019

Fabriq Spacemaps Screen - Building Data Visualisation

Spacemaps is a new module in Fabriq OS, which helps to visualise data and insights of real estate assets in new and intuitive ways for a wide range of users.

Help Wanted: Customer Success Director @ Fabriq!

Colin Ma

Chief Operating Officer & VP of Customer Success at Fabriq

November 13, 2019

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We are looking for an enthusiastic and client-driven Customer Success Director with strong project-delivery, customer-engagement, and problem-solving skills. The individual is expected to lead a team and function dedicated to onboarding new customers and enabling existing customers to get the maximum benefit from Fabriq OS – our market-leading and planet-improving web-based SaaS platform! This is for a full-time opening based in London.

Get in touch if collaborating with customers to help them succeed is in your DNA and you want to work in an environment where the worlds of energy, sustainability, smart buildings, tech, and start-ups converge!

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Happy 8th Birthday, Fabriq!

Oana Neumayer

Chief Marketing Officer at Fabriq

November 05, 2019


You would be forgiven for expecting this to be a post from the CEO / founder of the business in which s/he shares insights about the challenging journey of building a business and how it, almost never, resembled what they expected… (here's what Ben had to say about it last year). Or possibly a blog about how no amount of MBA entrepreneurship courses one might take, how many books or blogs one might read, how many founder entrepreneurs one might know closely, invariably, the reality always turns out differently to the imaginary.

Air Quality Monitoring and Analytics in Buildings

Véronique Martial-Gritter

Marketing Manager at Fabriq

October 11, 2019

Air Quality in Buildings (Photo Credit Holger Link via Unsplash).jpg

The increasing focus on Health & Wellbeing of building occupiers requires companies to consider how best to manage their workplace environment. Well-known benefits from healthy indoor environments include employee or occupant wellbeing and increased levels of productivity, among others.

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