New Feature Release: Document Repository
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New Feature Release: Document Repository

Jon Thompson
Author: Jon Thompson Head of Product Innovation February 21, 2021

Provide all stakeholders with access to the same information by storing it centrally in your building performance platform

Now more than ever, it is vitally important that all key stakeholders have access to the same information regarding an organisation's journey towards Net Zero Carbon. This extends from building specific documentation such as operational and maintenance manuals and major plant servicing certificates right the way up to high level strategy documents and compliance paperwork.

The reality is that this information is usually stored in generic cloud based file storage systems or on individuals local devices. We’re typically left trawling through our inboxes looking for the most recent version.

Additionally, it’s very common that stakeholders are not from the same organisation and therefore don’t have access to the central documentation. Sharing information effectively is essential to making progress. That’s why we’ve built our very own document repository so that the information is right where you need it, when you need it.

Documentation to support sustainability reporting frameworks is becoming increasingly important. Many standards require this documentation to be stored in a central repository along with building information and emissions data.

Create nested folder structures

Users have always been able to upload documents to specific sites and meters in Fabriq but we needed something more flexible. Just like in any other file storage system, users can now create nested folder structure to organise information as they please.

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Upload files from your local device

Users can select files from their local device and upload them directly to the platform in seconds. There is no restriction on file type and file sizes are limited to a generous …….

Other users can then download files to their local device and re-upload another version with changes if they wish. All documents are time-stamped and the author is listed in the main view.

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Link documents to buildings

Specific documents will relate to certain buildings so we wanted to find a way to do this in a straightforward manner. Any document can be linked to one or more buildings or even an entire portfolio, depending on the nature of the document.

This means users can upload a document at the organisational level and provide viewing rights based on who has access to particular sites.