Quality Data In, Quality Decisions Out - introducing data quality tracking for EnergyDeck
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Quality Data In, Quality Decisions Out - introducing data quality tracking for EnergyDeck

Nick Mason
Author: Nick Mason September 29, 2015

At EnergyDeck we believe that for our users to successfully run their buildings better the essential first step is having confidence in their data. So to support this confidence, enabling better analysis and decision making, we’ve recently launched a brand new feature: Data Quality.

While the future plans for Data Quality are extensive, this first roll out is pretty straightforward - if you have an automatic data source, did the data you were expecting show up on time and did it have as many data points as you were expecting?

So, for example, if you have day+1 half-hourly data for an electricity meter, did the reading log come through when expected (normally around the same time each day), and were there 48 readings in the log?

Sounds deceptively simple, right? But we’re finding from talking to our users that one of the biggest challenges they face is knowing when and if their data is coming through, and that previously they’d only realise weeks or months later, when it’s far too late to save the missing data.

energydeck data.png

Data Quality can be found on the new DATA tab in the SETUP screen, and is automatically applied to all automatic data sources you have. There’s no setup required, the platform detects how often and how much data is arriving, adjusts the alerts to match tests, then applies them to individual meters as well as the data sources itself.

What’s next for Data Quality? Well, we’re busy building email notifications to ensure that the relevant person in your organisation is made aware immediately on failure, as well as extending the types of alerts including setting thresholds for expected consumption and applying the tests on manual meters.

Try it out and let us know if you have any feedback, we’re looking forward to making sure your data is of the highest quality!