Go beyond compliance - make ESOS the start of your energy efficiency journey with EnergyDeck & IES
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Go beyond compliance - make ESOS the start of your energy efficiency journey with EnergyDeck & IES

Magalie Durio
Author: Magalie Durio July 22, 2015

Recorded webinar "IES and EnergyDeck: taking ESOS beyond compliance" now available online

Many of you attended the "IES and EnergyDeck: taking ESOS beyond compliance" webinar on 30th June. We hope you found the session useful in explaining more about how we can not only make compliance easy, but can also make it worthwhile. The recorded webinar is now available online.

Thanks to our partnership with IES, EnergyDeck customers are now able to link the platform with IES ESOS auditor, providing ESOS participants the tools to ensure compliance and make the most of their energy savings. Bringing IES ESOS Auditor and EnergyDeck together offers organisations the benefits of a more seamless process, an efficient workflow and maximise value from the data gathered.

“ESOS Auditor allows organisations to manage all of their data online in one place, enabling them to delegate the workload, improving data collection efficiency, reducing risks of omissions and the chances of fines if the selected for audit by the government,” says David McEwan, director at IES. “The partnership with EnergyDeck will now enable even more organisations to comply quickly and easily with ESOS and understand just how much they can achieve in terms of energy efficiency.”

For those of you who didn't manage to tune in, or would like to watch it again, the webinar is available on gotowebinar.com.

About IES ESOS Auditor Pack:
ESOS Auditor is a software to securely report, track and manage your ESOS data. Users can track progress, identify data gaps, upload evidence, produce reports compliant with ESOS and submit data to the Lead Assessor for checking. The system is also accepted as part of the Evidence Pack if your company is chosen for Audit. Plus you can easily review and prioritise energy efficiency recommendations to find the most cost effective opportunities for you based on automatically calculated ROI.