Making it Easy To Manage Complex Tariffs
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Making it Easy To Manage Complex Tariffs

Bruno Girin
Author: Bruno Girin January 07, 2014

As we have nearly 1000 registered users on EnergyDeck, I thought I would share a very useful piece of insight into the use a cool feature that has been live on the platform for a few months now. This particular feature is an extension to our contract and tariff support and is all about making it easier for you to track costs that result from energy use.

Our initial contract and tariff implementation allowed you to group tariffs within contracts and assign a single charge to each tariff. Of course, this is not quite the way real life works. Most tariffs have more than one charge, there is a mix of consumption linked charges, standing charges and percentage based charges like VAT. So we added that in.

Here is an example of an electricity tariff that includes a simple consumption charge and a VAT charge with highlighted changes.

And here is an example of a water tariff that has 4 charges in total: a consumption charge and a standing charge for fresh water, as well as consumption and standing charges for waste water.

Using the different tabs in the interface, you can easily change any of the charges or add a new line item. If you have a charge that no longer applies, you can just specify an end date.

You can also easily see the list of meters that are linked to that tariff.

This is it for a quick tour of the new tariff features. We will extend this further in 2014 to support tariffs that vary depending on the season, the time of day or any other factor. Watch this space for more in the months to come. As ever, feel free to send us feedback.