Managing Your Energy Supply Contracts
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Managing Your Energy Supply Contracts

Bruno Girin
Author: Bruno Girin July 29, 2013

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that a brand new sub-menu appears under the Setup menu in EnergyDeck:

This new Contracts menu allows you to manage your energy supplier contracts and their associated tariffs. You can setup what contracts you have with what suppliers, specify details of the various tariffs under those contracts and link individual meters to each tariff. If a tariff changes, all meters linked to that tariff will automatically see the change and costs will be updated accordingly.

Keep reading for a quick introduction to the full functionality.

Once you click the Contracts menu, you get a list of contracts. Click on any of them and you will see the details of that contract along with all the tariffs associated to it. If you've already set-up tariffs against existing meters, all of them will be grouped under a default contract. This can easily be changed as I explain below.

Click on the name of any of the tariffs to see the details. By default the name is the same as the category of the meters that are linked to the tariff. This can also be easily changed.

More importantly, this is also the screen where you can update the tariff's charges. You can add a new charge with a start and end date or update any of the existing charges. When you do this, all linked meters will be made aware of the change and costs associated with all of them will be updated accordingly. So when your tariff changes, you no longer have to go and hunt for all meters that are on that tariff and update them individually, one single update is enough.

I just mentioned the concept of linked meters: they are all the meters that are currently under a given tariff. Clicking on the tab will show you the list.

Clicking on the name of the meter takes you to its details. From there, you can edit those and change the tariff the meter is linked to.

You can also edit the tariff itself, change its name and the contract it falls under.

Finally, you can edit the contract, change its name and specify supply details for that contract.

This new feature allows you to more effectively manage your contracts and tariffs as well as all the data associated to them. It is still in its' infancy and we will keep adding functionality to it so that you can really understand how your energy tariffs influence your energy consumption costs and generation revenues. Watch this space for further updates!