New Plans and Pricing
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New Plans and Pricing

Nick Mason
Author: Nick Mason February 13, 2014

If you are an EnergyDeck customer, you will have recently received an email to tell you that we have migrated your account to a new plan. This is because we have simplified our account structure to align better with our customers’ needs, which in turn will allow us to develop more specific account functionality to provide everyone a better EnergyDeck experience.

So what have we done and what’s in it for you?


To understand our new plans and pricing, you need to understand the concept of an EnergyDeck “credit”.

Credits are how we track the benefit you are getting from our platform. They relate to the number and type of meters you use on your account, with each meter requiring a certain number of credits to be created.

  • High Frequency Meters: Meters against which measurements are recorded more than once a day are worth 2 Credits each.
  • Low Frequency Meters: Meters against which measurements are recorded up to once a day are worth 1 Credit each.
  • Environmental Meters: Meters that record data related to building environment, such as temperature, relative humidity or CO2 are worth 1 Credit each.

Data can be uploaded to these meters either manually or via AMR meters, it makes no difference.

You can buy any number of credits for which we charge an annual rate that varies depending on which plan you are on.

Customer Plans

The number of EnergyDeck Customer Plans has been simplified to just three: Residential, Business and Enterprise.


The Residential plan is designed for individual users who want to track their home consumption. The first 5 credits are free, in the same way that the old Free plan allowed you to set up 5 non-AMR meters. So if you were on a Free plan and you have been migrated to a Residential plan, you do not pay anything. In fact, you get more than you used to:

  • There is no limit on the number of sites anymore, so you could track energy for multiple homes;
  • There is no limitation on AMR meters anymore so if you have a smart meter that we support, you can connect it to EnergyDeck;
  • You can create high frequency meters, it will just cost you 2 credits instead of 1;
  • If you need a small number of additional credits beyond the 5 free ones, you just pay £10 per credit per year, which is a lot cheaper than the old Medium plan that was £29 per month.


The Business plan is designed for SME customers who want to track energy use within their business. Similar to the Residential plan, the first 5 credits are free; so if you have been migrated from a Free plan to a Business one, you do not pay anything.

You also get the same added benefits as Residential users and a few more on top:

  • More choice in types of sites so that you can set up your buildings in a way that makes sense to your business;
  • Unlimited user accounts, so now you can give access to data to as many people in your organisation as required;
  • A report generator that enables you to create downloadable reports in PDF format.

The price for additional credits beyond the initial free 5 is £25 per credit per year. This is better value than the old Medium plan, especially if you just need a small number of additional meters.


The Enterprise plan is designed for larger customers. This plan offers the full functionality of the EnergyDeck platform, in particular providing the added capability to organise your portfolio of properties in a way that follows your organisational (or fund’s) structure.

For this plan, the more credits you require, the less you pay per credit. Prices start at £25 per credit and decrease the more credits you take. Get in touch and we’ll take you through the way it works.

Partner Plans

We also introduced a number of plans specifically designed for our partners to streamline the way in which they provide services to their own customers and the community.


The Reseller Partner plan has been designed for the likes of consultants, energy services companies, energy brokers, equipment providers and industry groups. It aims to provide these organisations a platform that can be used to deliver services, evidence energy savings, reduce customer churn and generally improve the ability to win, engage with and retain customers by providing added value.

This can be delivered either with the EnergyDeck platform as is, or white labeled to reflect the company branding.

The plan also provides preferential pricing to Reseller Partners by allowing them to leverage the scale of their customer base. Get in touch and we’ll take you through how this is achieved and the services we provide.

Community Manager

EnergyDeck is now offering a plan for local authorities and other community based organisations who wish to drive energy efficiency and deliver carbon savings in their cities and communities.

Community Managers are able to create community groups which allow the creation of community benchmarks and a shared database of energy efficiency projects undertaken in the community. If group members are happy to share, they can also collate and report on the achievements of their community as a whole, providing an excellent reporting platform.

Under this plan, each Community Group member receives a free business account with 10 free credits rather than the standard 5, providing enhanced benefits for members and encouraging them to join up.

As above, this service can be delivered either with the EnergyDeck platform as is, or white labeled to reflect a Community Group’s own branding.

Pricing is based on a per member fee, get in touch and we’ll take you through how this is achieved and the services we provide.


EnergyDeck’s Affiliate plan has been designed for individuals or companies who wish to sell EnergyDeck services, but do not wish to subsequently manage the customer accounts. This is ideal for consultants looking to develop an additional revenue stream but without the resource to provide ongoing customer service and support to end-users.

As before, get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you more about how this works.