EnergyDeck an “Inspiring Startup”
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EnergyDeck an “Inspiring Startup”

Nick Mason
Author: Nick Mason August 22, 2013

EnergyDeck has been listed as an inspiring startup aiming to improve the world by Mashable,  the leading online source for news, information and resources about digital innovation. In the article, Mashable lists 20 companies they see as changing the world we live in now, and the way we will live in the future.

From an online world that helps children manage their moods to a deforestation monitoring system for the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. From a company that provides free computers built into walls that allow poor children in India to use one for the first time, to the Icelandic Parliament redrafting its constitution using crowdsourcing via the web. It is an impressive list.

EnergyDeck itself provides organisations with the ability to track and manage all their energy and resource consumption data in a single online platform, providing analysis, identification of savings opportunities and additional insights from community data and experiences to cost effectively reducing energy use and carbon emissions.

The EnergyDeck team is excited to be counted amongst these companies doing their part to create new technologies that enable social, environmental and political improvements which span the globe.