From the Deck – Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and an Energy Efficient 2014
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From the Deck – Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and an Energy Efficient 2014

Michael Charalambous
Author: Michael Charalambous December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas. It's been an amazing 2013 for EnergyDeck. Our team has been working tirelessly to deliver the real estate industry's leading engagement platform, collecting awards and signing some major customers. We're proud to announce our collaboration with East Midlands Housing, one of the largest social housing providers in the Midlands, bringing our total tally of clients to over 20.

December also saw the arrival of Michael Charalambous, our new director of  marketing. Michael's job will be to ensure we continue to focus on what our customers need as we scale users and capabilities. Prior to joining EnergyDeck, Michael held senior marketing positions at leading companies including Opower, Carbon Trust, Oracle and Siebel Systems.

So with that we will summarise our 2013 in numbers and wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2014.

2013 in Numbers

0 – The cost of getting started on EnergyDeck – You get lots of features for free.

3 – The number of awards we won or reached the finals for – Green Mondays Idea Idol, Cisco and IBM Smart Camp finalist.

5  – The number we grew our team to in 2013.

7 – The number of partners we have signed.

13 – Major new capabilities implemented in our platform – High Frequency Uploads, Communities, regression analysis, organisational hierarchies, Simplified Account Plan, Organisation Support, User Roles, Overlays, Degree Days, Data Import, New UI, better dashboard and analytics.

20 – The number of contracted enterprises on energy deck (Watch this space for some really exciting news in 2014).

24 – hours per day the team thinks about the user and making energy saving easy for EVERYONE.

129,000 – number of employees across the 130 companies participating in the West of England Carbon Challenge to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% in 2012/2013 of which 80+ are using EnergyDeck.