Keeping everyone engaged - Alerts and notifications
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Keeping everyone engaged - Alerts and notifications

Bruno Girin
Author: Bruno Girin January 22, 2014

EnergyDeck just introduced a new facility to the platform to help you keep on top of your consumption. You can now setup alerts on any meter so that you get notified when the consumption linked to that meter is outside of pre-defined limits. For example, if you have a building that typically consumes roughly 1000kWh of electricity every month, you can set up a few monthly alerts:

  • An upper limit at 1000kWh so that you are notified when the consumption goes above the average for any given month;
  • A lower limit at 800kWh so that you are notified when the consumption has been significantly below average for any given month;
  • An upper limit at 500kWh so that you get a notification when it goes past the half way point: if that point is reached after the 15th day of the month, you should be within limits for the remainder of that month; if it is reached before the 15th day of the month, you still have time to investigate and address over-consumption so that the month’s consumption falls within expected limits.


In order to set up a new alert, go to the detail screen for the required meter and select the Alerts tab. You can see on that tab what alerts have already been set up for which you are a recipient.

Clicking on the “Add new alert” button allows you to set up a new one.

At the moment, alerts are limited to simple upper and lower limits and they can be triggered against daily, monthly or annual consumption. You can then decide whether you want to receive that alert through EnergyDeck’s internal messaging or via email.

When the consumption goes outside the bounds defined by the upper or lower limits of an alert linked to it, you receive a notification to that effect, as shown here as an EnergyDeck internal message:


This functionality will be extended over the next few months. Here are some of the features we want to add:

  • Alerts based on percentage change rather than flat limits, e.g. set up an alert to notify you when consumption has gone up more than 10% compared to last month;
  • Alerts on environmental meters such as temperature meters;
  • Visualisation of alerts on charts;
  • Different alerts depending on the day of the week so that you can set up different thresholds for the weekend compared to week days;
    Notifications via other technologies such as SMS.

As ever, we value your feedback so please tell us what you would like to be able to do with this functionality.