IoT and the impact on Energy Efficiency
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IoT and the impact on Energy Efficiency

Michael Charalambous
Author: Michael Charalambous March 03, 2014

It's been a busy time at EnergyDeck as we start adding more customers and features to our platform. We are constantly monitoring what is happening in the technology and energy/clean tech sectors so our platform is meeting and getting ahead of our customers requirements. One of trends that we are constantly monitoring is the impact of IoT on energy efficiency. One of the biggest challenges in driving energy efficiency at home and in the commercial space is the availability of energy data. Smart meters add huge value in increasing the frequency, accuracy and availability of consumption data but their take up is still slow. Smart meters for commercial use can still cost several hundred pounds and the fact that meter operators practically own the data (charging collection and management fees for every single meter feed) further compounds the “legacy” aspect of today’s energy management industry.

At EnergyDeck we believe this is set to change for the better with the increasing availability of inexpensive sensors and meters that have recently entered the marketplace. Another key development is that more and more devices - from simple meters to data concentrators - are able to directly connect to the internet as part of the overall IoT trend, without the need for costly meter data management servers or additional fees for SIM card based data transfer.

Over the next three to five years we expect these trends to have a significant impact on the industry as a whole, leading ultimately to a commoditisation of the hardware side of energy monitoring and an explosion in terms of available consumption data and related environmental metrics. This will in turn shift the focus to energy data management software which needs to be scalable, easy to operate by a broad range of users, low cost and provide a broad range of functionality. At EnergyDeck this is exactly the platform we are making available for our customers. If you would like to know more or simply want to discuss our views on the latests trends in the market visit us at or email us at