The power of communities - now available in EnergyDeck

Benjamin Kott

Founder & CEO of Fabriq

May 04, 2012

It is no secret that communities hold the key to scaling sustainability to new levels. These communities take many different shapes and can include your local neighbourhood, schools, business associations, or a group of organisations in a specific geographical area (or maybe at national level).

In EnergyDeck, we call communities 'Groups', which is also the name of the new feature we just launched. With Groups, you can essentially do two things:

  • As a group member, you can compare yourself against benchmarks from the group and see what projects others in the group have implemented (anonymised, as always)
  • As a group administrator, you can - with the permission of group members - view detailed data of the group member sites in your own account
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EnergyDeck to take energy management to the masses with free software

Benjamin Kott

Founder & CEO of Fabriq

April 02, 2012

02 Apr 2012, James Murray, BusinessGreen


A UK start-up is looking to drive adoption of energy and environmental management software following the launch earlier this month of a free software suite designed to help small and medium-sized firms and public-sector organisations track key environmental metrics.

Founded last autumn by Google's former European head of green operations, Benjamin Kott, EnergyDeck provides users with the ability to track and manage their electricity, gas, and water use, and waste production, and also manage projects designed to reduce their environmental impact.

In addition, the company will this week update the software to provide users with the ability to track transport and travel-related emissions.

EnergyDeck is entering an increasingly crowded market that has seen a host of software firms launch energy and environmental management systems in recent years.

EnergyDeck launched publicly with free version

Benjamin Kott

Founder & CEO of Fabriq

March 13, 2012

EnergyDeck, the innovative web based platform that helps organisations save resources and costs, was taken out of private beta today and launched publicly. The app can be accessed at Users can sign up directly and start using it within minutes.

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