EnergyDeck joins utilidex50 to offer integrated services to energy utilities
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EnergyDeck joins utilidex50 to offer integrated services to energy utilities

Benjamin Kott
Author: Benjamin Kott Founder & CEO of Fabriq November 28, 2012

EnergyDeck has joined Utilidex's utilidex50 offering. Utilidex aims to deliver EnergyDeck integrated with their inMotion solution both in the UK as well as the Australian and New Zealand markets. inMotion significantly reduces the integration challenge for energy retailers and allows them to deploy value added services to their customers within a short time frame.

“Our vision for the utilidex50 is to attract innovative offerings that can easily plug into the utilidex platform,” commented Richard Brys, CEO, “We want to attract high calibre companies into the space, allowing them to deliver their innovations and ideas to the wider energy community and in particular to utilities who wish to adapt their business models and offerings. EnergyDeck is a great fit for this initiative. Led by a high calibre management team, EnergyDeck has a vision to truly re-shape the way customers interact with their energy consumption to significantly reduce costs and their carbon footprint. We support EnergyDeck wholeheartedly in this endeavour and want our utility customers and their end customers to benefit from the offering.”

About utilidex: utilidex makes it easier for energy companies to add, change and integrate solutions into their technology landscape, through the provision of the industry’s first dedicated platform offering, encompassing powerful next generation technology. Bringing a new game changing model to the sector, utilidex’s platform including big data (including analytics), in-memory computing and workflow provides the perfect enabler to deliver a range of new agile, innovative solutions and smart apps delivered through its utilidex50 member base.