2012 in review - an exciting year for EnergyDeck, and in 2013 we will pull out all the stops
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2012 in review - an exciting year for EnergyDeck, and in 2013 we will pull out all the stops

Benjamin Kott
Author: Benjamin Kott Founder & CEO of Fabriq December 30, 2012

As the year is drawing to a close, we're thinking back of all the events and experiences 2012 has held for us, much like many people around the world tend to do at this time of year. For EnergyDeck in particular, 2012 has been a special year - it being our first full year of operation.

We started work on our first prototype in October 2011, and by December of that year we set off on the production version of EnergyDeck. It took a while to get things working the way we wanted, and we launched the first public version of EnergyDeck in March 2012 with the mission to take energy efficiency to a mass market.

Since then, we have been working relentlessly on improving the platform in order to extend its capabilities and incorporate feedback from our users.

Over this time, the EnergyDeck platform transformed from a useful - if basic - energy tracking tool into a (nearly - see below) full fledged resource tracking system. Major additions along the way have included:

  • Smart metering with the capability to process readings with up to 1 minute frequency
  • Advanced analytics and visualisations, including benchmarks, ratios and overlays
  • Automatic carbon footprinting across all consumption metrics
  • Community features that enable groups of site managers or suppliers to work together

In December of this year, we finally got around to relaunching our public website, ie the pages you are reading right now. It now provides an even more detailed tour of the key features, a list of selected customers and suppliers, and more information about the people behind EnergyDeck.

For 2013, we have a lot of exciting plans and a long list of features on our roadmap. One big theme will be further automation of analytics tasks in order to 'make sense' of large amounts of data without requiring a degree in building energy managenent. In addition, we want to build out the projects database and help users assess the impact of savings measures they've implemented. And there is more, but we're not giving away everything just yet! So, stay tuned for further extensions and some surprises. And as always, please keep sending us your feedback and feature suggestions.

Ad astra!

Happy New Year from the EnergyDeck team.