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High frequency data upload now available in EnergyDeck

Benjamin Kott

May 18, 2012

We've been working hard on our backend over the past few weeks to enable the import, processing and visualisation of high frequency data. That is, data with a reading intervals down to 1 minute. This covers the output of most smart meters available in the market today, and importantly, half hourly meters that are common place e.g. in larger UK buildings.

With this feature, you can now import high frequency readings from CSV (comma separated values) files directly into your meter(s) in EnergyDeck, so no more manual data entry is required.

You can use the new feature with any of the premium plans, ie starting at £29/month for the "small" plan that allows you to track up to 2 sites and 20 meters, all of which can be high frequency.

Tags:   product features

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