EnergyDeck now imports Green Button data
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EnergyDeck now imports Green Button data

Benjamin Kott
Author: Benjamin Kott Founder & CEO of Fabriq May 11, 2012

We're pleased to announce that our smart importer has just become even smarter, and now also understands Green Button data.

Green Button is a US based effort to make energy data more accessible and actionable for consumers.

From the official website at Green Button Data:

Green Button is an industry-led effort that responds to a White House call-to-action: provide electricity customers with easy access to their energy usage data in a consumer-friendly and computer-friendly format via a "Green Button" on electric utilities' website. Green Button is based on a common technical standard developed in collaboration with a public-private partnership supported by the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology. Voluntary adoption of a consensus standard by utilities across the Nation allows software developers and other entrepreneurs to leverage a sufficiently large market to support the creation of innovative applications that can help consumers make the most of their energy usage information.

Utilities PG&E and SDG&E have already implemented the functionality on their websites. Commitments made to date by major US utilities about the implementation of Green Button functionality will make this data accessible to almost 30 million households. This number is expected to grow significantly over the next months.

Here's hoping that other markets follow suit soon and incentivise utilities to make energy consumption data available to costumers in a standardised and easily accessible format!