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More Spring Features: Organisational Hierarchy Part 2 (Aggregation)

Bruno Girin

May 30, 2013

As promised in part 1, we've improved the organisation hierarchy features over the past few weeks. You can now run reports at any level of the organisation.

In Trend Analysis, you will now see up to three types of meters at every organisation level:

  1. Grand Total: Sites Total + Sub-Units Total (in other words, Grand Total gives you the aggregate value of all total* meters at this level and all underlying levels of the organisation)
  2. Sites Total: shows the aggregate value of all total meters from sites allocated to this level (but not at organisation levels underneath, e.g. for sub-units)
  3. Sub-Units Total: shows the aggregate value of all total meters from sites allocated to underlying organisation units (but not for sites at the active organisation level)

 This functionality is also available for reports, meaning that you can now perform CO2 reporting for the whole organisation in a couple of clicks. Just select Grand Total at the highest organisation level (or any level you want to run the analysis for).

This completes our work on this version of organisational hierarchies. As always, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, do get in touch!

*: total meters can be manually created (denoting the meter that tracks the total consumption for a specific category such as electricity for a site). If no total meter is present at a specific level but only submeters, then EnergyDeck will automatically generate a total meter by aggregating all submeters. This meter will then be used to generate organisation level totals, and also for benchmarks.

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