Corporate Features, Degree Days and Other Improvements
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Corporate Features, Degree Days and Other Improvements

Bruno Girin
Author: Bruno Girin February 19, 2013

We've been very busy with new functionality over the past few months. Some are fairly simple, some are a lot more complex and all of them give you more ways to use EnergyDeck the way you want to.

The list includes: 

  • Simplified Account Plan
  • Organisation Support
  • User Roles
  • Overlays
  • Degree Days
  • Data Import

Simplified Account Plans

We simplified our account plans. All level of accounts, including the free ones, now have access to all features of EnergyDeck with the exception of AMR support which is priced per meter. The difference between plan levels is now solely dependant on the number of sites and meters you have. This means that when we add features for our largest customers, everybody benefits including users on the free plan.

Organisation Support

The biggest feature that we added is support for organisations. Until now, when you created an account on EnergyDeck, it only gave you a single set of login credentials so if you were a business and you wanted to give access to your data to several employees within the organisation, you needed to share login and password details. Sharing password details is bad security practice and we don't want to encourage it.

In order to give more flexibility to our business customers, we added support for organisation accounts where you can set up multiple logins for multiple users within the same account. This allows you to individually set up each user and allocate them specific user IDs and passwords.

Last but not least on organisation support, we added an upgrade facility. If you started with an individual account, you can easily upgrade it to an organisation account with no change in your account plan.

User Roles

As a follow up on organisation accounts, we added support for user roles within the organisation. This allows you to assign specific roles to different members of your organisation. Some of those roles can be further specified. For example, you can set up someone as a Facility Manager for all our sites or for specific sites only.

From an administration perspective, you can now give access to more people within your organisation while making sure that each person only has access to what they need. From an information perspective, it means that each person has immediate and easy access to the data they work with every day rather than all of the organisation's data.


You can now request overlays to be displayed on charts. Overlay data can include things like occupancy and floor space and in the future will include all sorts of environment data.

Degree Days

We now have support for Degree Days in the form of overlays. This is a very important step in being able to give you the right tools to understand your energy spending better and, most importantly, enable you to reduce those spendings. This is only a first step and more Degree Days related features will become available later this year so watch this space!

Data Import

As I said above, we've made all functionality available to all levels of plans, which means all plans now have the ability to import data from other systems. In particular, we added the ability to import data from iMeasure. At the moment, we only support the individual meter export format so you will have to migrate your data one meter at a time. Support for more data formats are added regularly and if you have a data format that you'd like us to support, don't hesitate to contact us.


EnergyDeck doesn't stand still and we will keep adding more features in the coming months. Our primary goal will be to keep developing the features we've been working on so far this year but we also have some brand new stuff in the plan so keep checking back and as ever if there is something you'd really like to see us do, feel free to contact us.