Managing Your Energy Supply Contracts

Bruno Girin

July 29, 2013

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that a brand new sub-menu appears under the Setup menu in EnergyDeck:

This new Contracts menu allows you to manage your energy supplier contracts and their associated tariffs. You can setup what contracts you have with what suppliers, specify details of the various tariffs under those contracts and link individual meters to each tariff. If a tariff changes, all meters linked to that tariff will automatically see the change and costs will be updated accordingly.

Keep reading for a quick introduction to the full functionality.

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Linear Regression in EnergyDeck: how to make the most of it

Bruno Girin

July 04, 2013

If you've been entering meter readings, you may have noticed a new tab in the Meter Details view (the view you get when clicking on any meter name in the Setup section) called Regression Analysis. This post provides a quick tour of the new functionality.

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More Spring Features: Organisational Hierarchy Part 2 (Aggregation)

Bruno Girin

May 30, 2013

As promised in part 1, we've improved the organisation hierarchy features over the past few weeks. You can now run reports at any level of the organisation.

In Trend Analysis, you will now see up to three types of meters at every organisation level:

  1. Grand Total: Sites Total + Sub-Units Total (in other words, Grand Total gives you the aggregate value of all total* meters at this level and all underlying levels of the organisation)
  2. Sites Total: shows the aggregate value of all total meters from sites allocated to this level (but not at organisation levels underneath, e.g. for sub-units)
  3. Sub-Units Total: shows the aggregate value of all total meters from sites allocated to underlying organisation units (but not for sites at the active organisation level)

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Spring Feature Set: Organisational Hierarchy Part 1 and Feedback

Bruno Girin

May 17, 2013

You know how time goes fast when you're busy doing interesting things? The last month has just whooshed past at EnergyDeck and we released the new features we've been working on earlier this week. This is a quick tour of the most important ones.

Organisation Hierarchy

Any organisation of a certain size has a structure that is not flat. It is important for such organisations to be able to understand their energy data in a way that reflects their internal hierarchy so we added the ability for such customers to do just that. As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is an example of this in action:

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Degree Days in EnergyDeck - An Introduction by Martin Bromley

Martin Bromley

February 26, 2013

EnergyDeck recently introduced degree days into their system. You may be wondering what they are and what they're for.

My name is Martin Bromley, and I'm from - a popular source of degree days for locations worldwide, and the source that EnergyDeck is using. I've got to know the EnergyDeck folks as they've been integrating with our system, and I was honoured when they asked me to write about degree days as a guest post on their blog.

Degree days are a specialist kind of weather data that is used to account for the effect of the weather on energy consumption.

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