Considerate Hoteliers and EnergyDeck have joined forces to launch ‘Con-Serve’ a brand new sustainability assessment platform for hotels

Michael Charalambous

April 04, 2014

Considerate Hoteliers, the UK’s oldest established and only network for responsible hoteliers and EnergyDeck, an award-winning, crowd-based energy analytics platform, sign a strategic partnership to enable hoteliers around the world to save energy and resources.

For the first time international hoteliers will be able to collaborate and share data via the Con-Serve platform, which allows hotels to dramatically reduce the cost, risk and time it takes to be more environmentally and financially sustainable.

Whilst hotels can save up to 20% of energy usage* through simple measures, it has been historically difficult for midsize and smaller hoteliers to economise on the same level. Traditional approaches to energy tracking and management have relied on cumbersome spreadsheets or legacy tools that are expensive to deploy and difficult to use. The implementation of savings measures has also been hampered because it is difficult for many hoteliers to get access to relevant and independent advice on what projects are most effective for a specific building type and environment.

New Plans and Pricing

Nick Mason

February 13, 2014

If you are an EnergyDeck customer, you will have recently received an email to tell you that we have migrated your account to a new plan. This is because we have simplified our account structure to align better with our customers’ needs, which in turn will allow us to develop more specific account functionality to provide everyone a better EnergyDeck experience.

So what have we done and what’s in it for you?

Keeping everyone engaged - Alerts and notifications

Bruno Girin

January 22, 2014

EnergyDeck just introduced a new facility to the platform to help you keep on top of your consumption. You can now setup alerts on any meter so that you get notified when the consumption linked to that meter is outside of pre-defined limits. For example, if you have a building that typically consumes roughly 1000kWh of electricity every month, you can set up a few monthly alerts:

  • An upper limit at 1000kWh so that you are notified when the consumption goes above the average for any given month;
  • A lower limit at 800kWh so that you are notified when the consumption has been significantly below average for any given month;
  • An upper limit at 500kWh so that you get a notification when it goes past the half way point: if that point is reached after the 15th day of the month, you should be within limits for the remainder of that month; if it is reached before the 15th day of the month, you still have time to investigate and address over-consumption so that the month’s consumption falls within expected limits.
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Making it Easy To Manage Complex Tariffs

Bruno Girin

January 07, 2014

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As we have nearly 1000 registered users on EnergyDeck, I thought I would share a very useful piece of insight into the use a cool feature that has been live on the platform for a few months now. This particular feature is an extension to our contract and tariff support and is all about making it easier for you to track costs that result from energy use.

Our initial contract and tariff implementation allowed you to group tariffs within contracts and assign a single charge to each tariff. Of course, this is not quite the way real life works. Most tariffs have more than one charge, there is a mix of consumption linked charges, standing charges and percentage based charges like VAT. So we added that in.

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Data In, Reports Out: making your data work for you

Bruno Girin

October 09, 2013

The latest update to EnergyDeck is primarilly about data, making it easier to feed raw meter readings into the system at one end and extracting useful high level information at the other end with minimal effort in between.

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