Update on WaterDeck - A successful joint innovation with First Business Water
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Update on WaterDeck - A successful joint innovation with First Business Water

Colin Ma
Author: Colin Ma CEO October 03, 2018

Earlier in the year, we partnered with First Business Water to launch ‘WaterDeck’, a platform powered by Fabriq that was designed to help First Business Water’s customers effectively monitor their water consumption. It has been almost six months since WaterDeck was launched, and with a scorching and dry summer that highlighted the increasing importance of taking a more pro-active approach on water conservation now behind us, it is a good opportunity to provide an update on our partnership with First Business Water.


The First Business Water team have been busy getting customers onto WaterDeck since the platform was made available in May. The uptake has been encouraging, with over 125 businesses and organisations onboarded onto WaterDeck within the first six months of the platform’s launch! With the data collected via WaterDeck, the First Business Water team are able provide their customers an effective means to monitor their water consumption with a purpose-built and user-friendly tool. For example, First Business Water’s customers are able to conveniently access the platform as well as water-consumption reports via the dedicated WaterDeck mobile interface at any time. In fact, based on feedback received, the mobile interface has been by far the most popular way for WaterDeck users to monitor their organisations’ water consumption. We are continuing to work with First Business Water to look into further enhancing the mobile interface as well as the platform overall, so WaterDeck users can expect additional platform updates that should make the monitoring of water usage even easier in the future.

First implementation results are promising

In addition to allowing their customers to track their water usage, the First Business Water team are going a step further and have been taking a pro-active approach in translating the visibility and insights that the WaterDeck platform can offer into tangible savings. For example, at St. Paul’s School located in Hammersmith, London, the First Business Water team were able to combine their water-conservation expertise and WaterDeck’s monitoring capabilities to identify measures that are expected to provide the school 8,000 m3 in water savings and GBP 10,000 in charges per year. We are keen to continue supporting the First Business Water team and hearing more about success stories like this one.

WaterDeck - a tool for the future

It is also worth noting that a key objective of the partnership was to make water-conservation insights readily available to those who are committed to pro-actively managing their water consumption, including those who are not First Business Water customers. To this end, since the launch of the WaterDeck platform, a new set of water-consumption benchmarks provided in partnership with First Business Water has been made available to both WaterDeck as well as Fabriq OS users. It is our hope that these benchmarks will be used by WaterDeck and Fabriq OS users alike to identify potential water-conservation opportunities, and we expect to continually update these benchmarks in partnership with First Business Water as additional data become available. And looking ahead, with the platform now firmly in place and in active use, we are also looking into ways to automate the collection of real-time water-usage data in partnership with First Business Water. With this data in the platform, we expect the platform’s notification capabilities as well as advanced analytics capabilities to be in full use such that possible abnormal water-usage patterns can be pro-actively detected.

Overall, we are encouraged that the insights that the platform is capable of offering are already playing a part in yielding tangible value and savings to First Business Water’s customers and are looking forward continuing working with the First Business Water team to make WaterDeck a useful tool for managing water consumption. With that said, be sure to check back in for additional success stories and future updates regarding our partnership with First Business Water!