Introducing 'WaterDeck' and our partnership with First Business Water
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Introducing 'WaterDeck' and our partnership with First Business Water

Colin Ma
Author: Colin Ma CEO May 01, 2018

We are excited to announce our partnership with First Business Water, an innovative water retailer committed to helping their customers use water efficiently, and the launch of WaterDeck! 


Measure | Compare | Save

First Business Water recently launched WaterDeck, a web-based platform powered by Fabriq, to help their customers track and reduce their water consumption. 

The platform is capable of collecting water-consumption readings via a mobile app and also offers the option to collect readings automatically via data feeds. With the pooled data, users will also be able to benchmark the water-consumption rate for a particular building against consumption levels of other similar buildings. The insights that the platform was designed to uncover is expected to reveal opportunities to optimise water consumption and reduce costs. Overall, WaterDeck is expected to make it easy for First Business Water customers to effectively carry out the 'Measure | Compare | Save' cycle in managing their water consumption.


We are especially excited to be working with First Business Water as WaterDeck users are expected to make full use of many of the platform’s features. By using the variety of capabilities that the platform offers like the mobile app or the benchmarking tool, which were enhanced recently with valuable feedback and input from First Business Water, WaterDeck users will be getting the most out of tools we have developed with guidance and support from the First Business Water team. 

Also, with the enhanced white-labelling package that we have on offer, we are looking forward to working with other service and technology providers like First Business Water to make our tools accessible to a broader range of end users via customised platforms that our partners can put their own touches on to engage and serve their customers. We are also keen to introduce the First Business Water team to our customer and user base such that they could benefit from the expertise and services that First Business Water provides. 

Here’s to our new partner First Business Water, plenty of water savings, and more opportunities to collaborate with other service and technology providers in the space!

P.S. 1 year on into the partnership - read more here


About First Business Water

First Business Water is a licensed water supplier, providing water and wastewater services to businesses in England. With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional levels of customer service, the company offers a focused and proactive approach in managing its customers' water usage and costs.

With sustainability at the core of the company's values, First Business Water firmly believes that everyday habits can positively impact the world. First Business Water not only want to be the best water supplier, but also empower communities to use water efficiently.