Virtual Meters - Measure more with less
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Virtual Meters - Measure more with less

Jack White
Author: Jack White August 18, 2017

Use cases

Typical situations where virtual meters, which are sometimes referred to as calculated meters, are required include:

  • Tenant billing
  • Grouping meters to create a new total (e.g. for three phase metering, or any other combination of meters)
  • Apportioning common area energy consumption
  • Measurement and Verification (M&V)
  • Managing complex parent/child meter hierarchies

Virtual Meter setup

Virtual Meters are now a standard feature in the EnergyDeck platform. They can be created for all consumption meter types and behave much the same as a physical meter. The feature has been developed to be very user friendly, using our unique “link & multiply” methodology.

Any number of meters (of the same resource type) within the platform can be linked to create a calculation of those meters. Using the multiplier tool, the linked meters can be summed, subtracted, multiplied or divided. This allows for instant, complex calculations of energy and resource consumption.

Virtual Meter visualisation

The newly created virtual meters can then be selected and visualised in the Analytics module like any other meter (or data feed). This means they can also be included in reports that can be easily shared with tenants or other stakeholders (e.g. for billing or energy performance monitoring purposes). Virtual meters are also accessible in Benchmarks and Carbon Footprinting.

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