Fabriq OS for Technology and Service Providers

As an energy services or technology provider, sustainability consultancy or a broker / utility, you can benefit from Fabriq’s advanced feature set in combination with full white-labeling. Delight your customers, generate new business opportunities and improve the efficiency of your operations.

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Full white labeling. Use your logo, colours and URL - the whole thing

Stand out from the competition by offering your customers access to a performance-monitoring platform powered by Fabriq that can be branded per your or your customers’ specifications.

You can simply swap out the Fabriq logo with that of your organisation, or go “full monty” and use a custom web address (fully SSL enabled) and remove any references to Fabriq. Make it yours - that’s what it’s there for!

Use the state of the art platform for energy, sustainability and smart building management

Fabriq is leader in terms of scope of metrics and functionality in combination with usability and flexibility.

The platform covers high-level portfolio overviews on any device, all the way down to meter-level load curve analysis. Hardened energy experts can benefit from it as well as end users in buildings, with or without training.

Plug in all your data sources. Online and off. Automagically

We’ve already built more than 50 integrations with various data sources from half-hourly meters and building management systems (BMS) to innovative air quality sensors so you won’t have to. And the platform can process data from spreadsheets – in many different formats – as required as well, giving you and your customers a complete and flexible platform that will turn data into insights into how buildings and building technologies can be operated optimally. Plus, you will have a future-proof platform as we can build new integrations for you and your customers when required. Just ask!

Automatically generate and distribute reports to discerning users

Nearly any chart that you can create in the platform can be added to reporting templates. These can then generate reports in HTML, PDF or DOC format for distribution or further processing.

Reports can be scheduled to run at specific times and get emailed to nominated users automatically. Making your life easier and enabling you to focus on the things that matter most to you and your customers.

Engage and involve your customers. As much or as little as you want to

While Fabriq is designed for allowing all building users access to the platform, you have very granular role and site allocation settings at your disposal. This means that you can give anyone as much or as little access as required.

Want to engage the key client contact by giving them full admin access to the portfolio - there’s a role for that. Want to ensure end users can see only the key information in read-only mode on their mobile phones? Ditto. And everything in-between...


Automated M&V. The way you want it

Forecast, measure, and verify returns from efficiency projects and technology investments with an auditable module designed per the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

The integrated M&V module allows you to pick any metric as the explanatory variable for impact assessment, and to share the results directly with the customer.