New tech and real estate – will they ever match up?
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New tech and real estate – will they ever match up?

Melvin Lim
Author: Melvin Lim November 17, 2016

The property industry is notorious for sticking to existing processes and tools (or the lack thereof). Energy management in buildings is often an initiative that’s spread across various internal stakeholders and external contractors. This can lead to a loss of accountability and momentum to address inefficiencies. Implementing new solutions or technologies becomes a painfully long-drawn process. Combine the two - energy and buildings - and you have one of the most challenging markets to effect positive change in.

We believe, however, that technology adoption in the real estate industry, especially when it comes to managing energy and sustainability, is at the tipping point. Meaning that it is about to change for good. If you’ve been in the energy or property industry long enough, you may chuckle in disbelief. You’ve heard all before, right?

Why is it different this time around?

There are many factors contributing to the change, among which are:

  1. Institutional investors demand greater transparency on resource usage and sustainability
  2. Landlords ask for new services (faster, streamlined, real-time)
  3. Managing agents and consultants realise there is an opportunity to win a larger market share through offering innovative solutions

We have been observing signs of the upcoming changes through our conversations with clients and clients-to-be and we can see the momentum is building up.

One such sign - and a very strong one at that - is an upcoming event by The Curve aptly named X-Energy, which will gather 150 senior energy experts from major organisations to discuss the revolution in energy management. The focus of the event is to look specifically at the intersection between energy management and technology.

It is the beginning of a campaign to identify the people at the forefront of the energy revolution, and work with them to learn from each other.

How can EnergyDeck contribute?

EnergyDeck is already firmly placed at the intersection of energy and real estate. In addition we are working on the next generation platform for an effective management of energy, sustainability and health & well-being in buildings. The new version of our platform uses an artificial intelligence based approach to identify optimisation opportunities in real time - across thousands of assets and tens of thousands of data feeds. The ultimate objective is to deliver tailored and highly relevant insights to all key stakeholders along the building value chain, ranging from energy managers to sustainability professionals and real estate investors.

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