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Introducing… The new EnergyDeck Mobile App

Jessica Oneal
Author: Jessica Oneal August 25, 2016

Managing energy can be complicated and confusing to the untrained eye. The EnergyDeck platform already provides a simple and powerful user interface to track and manage buildings. However we thought it was time that this interface was pocket sized. The perfect solution? The new EnergyDeck app.

We created the app so people can manage their energy uses, wherever they are, at the click of a button. We have presented the data in simple but elegant graphs and charts, so you can see the statistics that really matter.

The app is browser based and can be accessed from any modern smartphone or tablet. There are four key sections available in the app today; My Costs, My Usage, My Trends and My Data.

Furthermore the user can select a property if multiple buildings have been created in the account by clicking on the circular logo in the top left corner of the screen.

My Costs

The simple and intuitive design of the costs page allows users to see their total energy costs in a pie chart divided into segments for each resource. The page makes it easy to see how spending compares to previous time periods, so it is clear when users have over or under-spent.

My Usage

My Usage shows how the user’s property performs compared to similar buildings in our database. The percentage indicates how much better or worse the property performs for the selected metric (electricity, gas etc). The colour of the house graphic changes based on the relative performance (red = worse, green = better than average). Individuals can use this information to get an idea of how much they could improve their energy consumption, and set themselves goals and targets to match other people.

My Trends

The bar chart is a feature that tracks usage over time in a detailed way. Users can also switch between cost and consumption views of their data. Progress in reducing consumption becomes more evident, encouraging users to persist.

My Data

The last page shows the data and details of different meters so users can keep meter data up to date in the platform. We will talk about this functionality in more detail in a future blog post (hint: it’s very cool - it even allows you to take a picture of your meter and upload this with the reading).

Try the new version and let us know what you think

We have launched the new app and it is available to use on platform.energydeck.com/mobile. Please try it out and let us know what you think!

In the future we will be working on new ideas, such as the app making tenants aware of alternative verified tariffs that can save them money, and in turn facilitating communication between landlords and tenants. The app will be a valuable tool that gives people clear insight into how to save money and get people more engaged with improving energy consumption.