Fabriq is welcoming Savills!
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Fabriq is welcoming Savills!

Colin Ma
Author: Colin Ma CEO October 31, 2018


We are thrilled to be working with Savills, and want to take the opportunity to mention the possibilities that the Fabriq OS platform is expected to offer Savills as well as their clients who are committed to actively managing their real-estate portfolios’ sustainability performance.

An objective of Savills is to use Fabriq OS to be a centralised hub of data that can provide insights into the sustainability performance of real-estate portfolios that Savills help manage. With the platform, the aggregation process of sustainability-performance data pertaining to energy and water consumption as well as the management of waste will be automated whenever possible, which should afford the Savills team more time to analyse the efficiency and performance of buildings and portfolios. The platform’s analytics and data-visualisation tools should also provide stakeholders on-demand access to insights on how buildings are performing. And as a system of record for key sustainability-reporting metrics, the platform will also be relied on to make the process for completing GRESB Assessments and generating sustainability-performance reports more efficient and streamlined.

Overall, we are privileged to have the opportunity to work with a global leader in the real-estate services space like Savills, and look forward to continue collaborating with the committed and enthusiastic team at Savills!