Looking ahead…how I met Ben…and yes, Dark Mode!
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Looking ahead…how I met Ben…and yes, Dark Mode!

Colin Ma
Author: Colin Ma CEO January 17, 2020


It has been quite an eventful start to the year/decade for us at Fabriq to say the least, with our fearless founder Benjamin Kott passing on the CEO baton, leaving behind an incredible legacy of a leading edge product and a laudable culture.

As many of you are already aware, while Ben is moving on...he's NOT moving out! He continues to be involved in providing direction for the company on business governance and strategy as a non-exec to Fabriq’s Board of Directors. With that said, while we miss having him around during our weekly team lunches (he did promise he would stop by whenever he could for his favourite fish and chips!), he will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping how Fabriq evolves as a purpose-driven company.

The decade ahead...

As a part of the transition, I am humbled and privileged to be assuming the role of CEO at Fabriq, supported by Ben and the Board, and will carry out my responsibilities in close collaboration with the rest of the Fabriq team. I would personally like to thank Ben for launching Fabriq (or EnergyDeck as it was previously known), inspiring us to challenge the status quo and attempt to advance the sustainability agenda in impactful ways.


I met Ben at Google, where we were both working at the time, and we instantly connected over a chat on how technology and data can be fundamental in driving ‘green’ initiatives forward (this was way before ‘big data’ or ‘digital transformation’ terms were coined, by the way!). I am grateful for having him as a mentor and for the opportunity to join forces as part of Fabriq team in 2017. It goes to show that, when there is an important enough bold mission, it is possible for an INSEAD Alumnus and a London Business School one to come together and aim for great things!

With Fabriq, Ben demonstrated that given what we know about technology and what impact sustainable business models and operational practices have on our planet and society as a whole, it is our responsibility to pro-actively move the needle in meaningful ways; when it comes to critical missions like the climate crisis or minimising our environmental footprint as a society, ‘faster horses’ might not be fast enough. More could be and should be done. It is increasingly evident that tackling the climate crisis is a race against time. With Ben's vision more relevant than ever - to achieve significant impact on reducing climate change, by connecting and improving the world's buildings - Fabriq team will continue moving forward as a company. 


We will continue to engage and excite our customers and partners, who are equally committed to our vision. The Fabriq OS platform will strategically evolve based on feedback from our highly engaged users and on input from the latest technological advancements and industry trends. We will spare no effort to ensure that the people using Fabriq OS will get the most out of our solution, ultimately, making buildings more efficient, more productive, and more environmentally friendly. As such our Fabriq team will continue growing such that all departments will have the necessary resources to achieve our BHAG goals.   

More updates to come as we move ahead with 2020. By all means, please reach out if there are any questions or feedback on the direction we are heading towards as a company in 2020 and beyond. And if you are ever in London Paddington, feel free to stop by our new offices and say hello!

In 2020 and beyond, the team and I are fully committed to continuing what Ben started...now back to focus!

P.S. And last but not least Ben, if you are reading this or wondering, ‘Dark Mode’ is still on the Fabriq OS roadmap! We really mean it when we say we will finish what you started…plus it apparently saves energy.