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EnergyDeck wins public vote and is crowned Idea Idol champion at Green Corporate Energy '13

Benjamin Kott
Author: Benjamin Kott Founder & CEO of Fabriq July 04, 2013

Last week we participated in the Idea Idol competition of Green Monday's premier annual energy event: Green Corporate Energy 2013. Having made it through several stages of assessment, we were given the opportunity to pitch EnergyDeck to a panel of select judges and an audience consisting of highly experienced energy and sustainability professionals.

Continue reading to view the post of the Green Mondays team on the event, or read the original article here.

Last week, as part of Green Corporate Energy '13 (if you weren't there, where were you?), saw the final of Idea Idol. 

If you've not yet heard of Idea Idol, let me explain. 

'Idol' is an innovation competition designed to ferret out the most exciting ideas from around the world and share them with the wider business community.

The competition, like so much of what we do, is based on shared-value. Anyone who enters an idea gets access to everyone else's ideas once the competition has closed. 

Some people enter Idea Idol as a way of finding collaboration partners, other to hasten change. Some just want to see their name in lights. We encourage all three. 

Idea Idol. Think Pop Idol meets crowdsourcing – or, as we like to think of it 'entertainment with serious intent'. 

This year Idol, in line with Green Corporate Energy's desire to usher in a new age of industrial enlightenment, sought to collate and share the best in energy and carbon innovation.

We were not disappointed. 

Ideas came in from academics, start-ups and major corporates and ranged in scope from eco-gamification through to the use of nano-targeting technology. 

Our judges had a torrid time as they reduced the entries, first to a top-ten and then to the final three - who were invited to fight it out on-stage to win the hearts, and votes, of our expert crowd. 

The three finalists included: 

- Hybrid Solar Solution from Newform Energy 
- Community-Driven Web-Platform from EnergyDeck
- Enable the Label from Aldersgate Group

It was a tough battle, with all three entries delivering a great pitch to the crowd and our judging panel, and responding well to some tough questioning. In the end though, our crowd voted and crowned EnergyDeck Idea Idol champions.

EnergyDeck is a new type of energy and resource management tool that provides organisations the ability to track and manage all their consumption data via a single online platform. The Crowd loved that it encouraged users to really dig deep into the data and benchmark against other organisations and buildings, and that it was fully scalable and relevant for all organisations from SMEs through to multi-site corporations. 

You can visit the EnergyDeck website to read more about the application and to see how it might help your organisation. 

If you know a sustainability challenge that might benefit from being the focus of our next Idea Idol competition, please get in touch.