Virtual Meters - Measure more with less

Jack White

August 18, 2017


A common issue in energy management is being able to quickly group and apportion energy consumption from a number of meters. This issue is compounded when having to manually create large worksheets with tens of thousands of rows of high frequency data, relying on lookups and formulas to create the equations.

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Data Quality - Time to health check your data feeds

Jack White

August 17, 2017

Good quality data is essential for monitoring and tracking energy and resource consumption. From a single site to large property portfolios, data is aggregated and collected from a variety of sources, including utilities, sub-meters, manual readings and internal systems. With advances in technology it is becoming easier to collect data, but the reliability and completeness of this information is often hidden unless advanced analysis is carried out on a frequent basis.

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Time to share the love - latest platform updates from EnergyDeck

Benjamin Kott

February 24, 2017

At EnergyDeck, we’re typically much better at working on platform improvements than we are at talking about them. We update the EnergyDeck system on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with a constant stream of improvements. In recent weeks we’ve also implemented a number of larger feature updates that we want to share at this point.

By way of summary, platform users now have access to:

  1. Custom Dashboards in their Home screens
  2. Custom Normalisations in Analytics
  3. Rolling Averages (also in Analytics)
  4. Reports that can be scheduled for email distribution and exported in DOCX format

Read on to learn more!

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Managing and benefiting from meter data has never been easier!

Jessica Oneal

October 13, 2016

In my previous post, I talked about the new ED mobile app (read about it here).
Today I am going to explain how the EnergyDeck app provides users a new and advanced way of organising data.

Introducing… The new EnergyDeck Mobile App

Jessica Oneal

August 25, 2016

Managing energy can be complicated and confusing to the untrained eye. The EnergyDeck platform already provides a simple and powerful user interface to track and manage buildings. However we thought it was time that this interface was pocket sized. The perfect solution? The new EnergyDeck app.

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